Slack no more

Hey girls.

So sorry for the lacking of posts, I have of course been super-uber busy with school and such. I recently have started curling! I joined a club and am learning gradually, and have found to be really good! (So far).

Anyways. Today I had school, no duh then I got home and took a nice refreshing shower and am now clean and focussed on school, and healthyness, and such. About 3 days ago was take your kid to work day in Canada, So I went with my father and completed several tasks and learnt what he does everyday when he leaves in the morning and comes home at night to bring the money home for my shopping spree’s! JK I dont go on shoppign spree’s, I just shop alot! They gave all the kids ipod nano’s, it has thier logo on it, but still. And it’s 8gb. Crazy!

Today I want to start being more “proper.” So when I got home liek I explained I hopped into a steamy shower. Then patted fry (legit) and moisturized all over. And I went to a dermatologist and he gave me recommendations and really good stuff to use and my face is sooo much clearer, in like a week it’ll be like a baby’s skin.

This picture for some resaon is really inspiring to make my desk clean.

Yeah nice eh?

Anyways, hopefully more posts soon. My friends have been really ignorant lately. So I am just focussing on my grades. After that take your kid to work day thing, I have realized that I really need to step up my grades in order to go to an ah-mazing university and have a great company of my own!

I’ve been thinking of making a fashion blog. I see these people that have great blogs and show thier fashion. I would love to show mine and give advice, just on like blogger though 🙂 Any ideas? Yes or no? Names?

That’s all for this post!


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She looked right into my eyes at least 10 times. I held up this HUGE glow stick that I got at a store, it was diff, so it was noticed more. And it was huge. And then I held it up and filmed her. I was infront of her. On the floor row 11. The best seats. well row 5-7 would have been better but oh well. I’m grateful.

She sung great. Her dresses were fabu!!!

Christene Grimme and Shawn Desman opened for her. Ahhhh it was the best money I’ve ever spent. The last concert I went to was in gr.2. Haha. HIlary duff. I love her. But now I’m looking into auditions for movies etc. Selena said something really inspiring that touched me while she looked right into my eyes. She smiled at me. i will never forget that.

AHHHHHH It was the best!!!! I wanna see her again!!!! She sings soo good in concert. Maybe some pics to come. 🙂


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At school; right now.

Alone. In the library. So today I finally was ready to sit with my “friends.” So I saw M* and she ignored me, not even a hi, so then I said “hi m*” she ignored me. Then K* came and she ignored me. I asked short M* where she was eating, but she just said, “I don’t know, I have to find N*” So then I was standing there alone while weird M* called them all over, except me. So I just headed to the library like I have been for the past 2 weeks. Yup, I’m so sad. They don’t care. I’ve lost my grip on them. I have no one at this school. and even N* who goes to a diff. school than me, is not nice to me at times. I am lone. I kno they say you aren’t but I am right now. I have to regain my friendship somehow before graduation…in gr.12 but still. I don’t wanna go alone. I have to talk more to them. They are all moving ahead, friend wise. I’m just left alone in the dirt like I have been for the past 13-now 14 years of my life. Oh, joy.

Next I have art class. When I get home I have to study for 1-2hr. on my math test I’m having tomorrow. I’m doing terrible in math and all my classes, so I have to step up now.

I’m just so sad. Gosh.

Next post to get my mind off this is how to SELENA GOMEZ concert went!!!


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Relaxed for now…or not

So right now I am just sitting in my high chair infront of the “bar” in my kitchen. No ones home currently but me. My friend N* was supposed to come over like 2 hours ago, but she said she had to go to church at 10am, but I thought she would have been home by now. Like I said in my las post, we are supposed to finish our poster for the concert.

I have so much homework. Well 2 projects. Tomorrow in my LA class, we have to debate. She choose our partners last friday or Thursday I think it was. And tomorrow 1st period we present. We don’t get to know what side we have to take until 1min before you start, which sucks!!! Like how are we supposed to prep enough for both sides? High school is hard. They said that your marks drop on average 20% which is true for LA and Math. In math I’ve gotten like a ton of 60% 😦 It’s sad because I want to be on the houners! I aways am. And On Thursday we have to present our family history project. I don’t have that much information because no one in my family really remembers how they came to Canada, (ancestors) and on those history websites you have to pay. So Im doomed at this point. I mean I haven’t even started finding out how I’m going to present my project! She want something unique, just just to stand up there, and say junk. High school teachers, that I have, are very hard. Aren’t they all? If not then, haha.


Well I think thats all for today!


1. Get an idea for how to present my project and collect more information

2. Dry my hair (it’s wet now cuz I just got out of the shower 10min ago)

3. Drink water!!! (For my skin)

4. Call N* again

5. Listen to Selena Gomez’s song’s so then at the concert youll know then better! 🙂

6. Out fit for school tomorrow… pretty one for debating infront of the class.


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Back 4 Good :)


So I have kinda abandoned this blog for almost a year. I have finally decided that I will keep on blogging about my life here. I checked out the amount of people that visit my blog everyday ranges from 15-40 so I think that if people are still checking out my blog, I should right in it!

I have started fresh. A new theme, and header. I am now 14 years old, and in high school, gr.9. In Canada, the school system where I live considers gr.9 in high school. So yeah 🙂

Remember all those posts I wrote about me feeling so sad and left out? Well I thought that that would be gone by now…but it’s not. This year is actually worse I think. I don’t care, kinda actually. But K* and M* are but’s and they were invited to go to this haunted house thing and I wasnt! I am so mad at them. The groupy invited them, and not me. Maybe cuz they knew I would never go to a scary house or they didnt care. But I mean it would have been nice of them to ask, which they didnt.

Guess what??? I’m going to the Selena Gomez concert on Monday!!! AHHHHH I’m so excited. Like crazyy. My and my bff N* are going. The concert was sold out so we bought tickets from these people that were real tickets, and they costed us each 129.00$ crazy eh? If we had found out about the concert right when the tickets were selling we could have gotten the same seats for $49.99. I know right. Rip off!!! Oh well, we get row 12 on the floor. Excited! We made an awesome cheer, and were wearing matching things like a purple hair streak from Claires that we bought, a white tank (so when we buy our t-shirts at the concert it wont get to hot) and skinny jeans/jeggings? Right haha. Tomorrow after my swimming lessons we are starightening our hair to perfection, and then panting our nails!

Today me and N* are going to go to Michael’s and get poster stuff and make our poster!!!

Dont forget to check out my updated “pages!”

Thats all for today!

Please comment people! And subscribe!!!


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Hey girlies!

It’s Nikki here. And of course, the reason/my explanation for being MIA for so loong this whole summer was because I was on vacation!!!

Anyways. I’m back and better than ever. I’m so over being lazy and not trying. I am now going to get off my lazy butt and do things right! A girl has gotta get what she wants all the time, right? With sophomore year coming in like 6 days I’m ready to become a new person. Kinda.

More girlier, pretty, outfits to fab, no flaws, smart, perf!

Had a great summer and was wondering if you could vote me miss stardoll world on my stardoll. User: NikkiPandaz. Thanksies girlies!


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So tday my parents were telling me I had to come with them to this festival where I live. But I planed on playing wth my friend and lately my mom has been mad at me 😦 Becasue I gave her attitude and she hates when I do that. So yeah. Then before they left my dad told me I had to come and I said no because I was playing with my friend who I play with almost every day. So now I’m hoping my friend will come and play before my parents get back or else they’ll be even more mad. Because I complained at them for not wanting to come. Grrr, now I’m sadly regretting my decition. Its a waist of time to thing about my regrets. I’m really sad now. I’m crying a little. But I dont wanna cry to much becasue if I cry hard and then my friend comes then shell it’ll be aquard haha. I’m really sad Liek grr. why do I always make the wrong decition. Well I mean I guess at the time it was the right decition but ten seconds later when my dada slammed the door as he left I started to regret it! 😦

Well anyways.. me and my friend. She told me about this art class. So I really wanna do it but my mom is still mad and so she said shed look at it when she got back but now.. she probably wont 😦 I’m really sad. Adn were leaving on vacation in 5 dsyas and my mom still hasnt called the school to ask if I can trade classes. I hate the class I’m in. So i have to switch an if i dont grrrrr ill kill my dslef,, no jkjjk 😛 but I’ll be depressed and then thats not a good way to start of the new era hugh school year. But maaannn am i ever stressed becasue that art class only allowes 12 people and my friend said that there was 11 so i better call today. Its 25$ per class once a week and then it toslls to around 100 $ a month f you go to every claass. sorry for the messy un-spell checked typing. I’m so scared and nervous and sad 😦 Cryyyyying :((:(::(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(




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