It’s the time of the Season

Oh yes it is…

Hey girls!

I have realized my full potential in not only being a blogger but as in being a human, my self. I’ve been to caught up in drama and trying to be like other people (I didn’t show on my blog though). But I always used to look at other people (famous more so) and want to be like them. Well that girl is gone. I’m sick of trying to be something I’m not and am ready to take a stand.

At school I will be more confident, smile, say thank you and please and such to everyone, with meaning, keep my grades at a 90% average and up (lately I’ve been in the 85% :(, and much more things.


“What’s a life to live, if you’re not who you are?”

-ME ❤


I will practise my singing and modeling. Because I love it!

Some days (a lot) I feel like a loser and alone. Legit. But no more will I take my “friends” guff. I’m tired of being treated like a nobody, but now I wanna be treated like a somebody. Girls at my school are too stuck up and worried about being known and populaur. It sickens me.

I am still known as the shy girl but I hope to slowly and steadily sneak my way into being a nice, pretty, genuine, known girl and not a nobody.

I will soon be the girl I know I am meant to be, but or now I am that girl I am, and I’m okay with that…for now.

NEW attitudes are great! Tehe!

Well thats all for this post.

And Crystal was guh-reat!

Untill next time…


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5 Responses to It’s the time of the Season

  1. Alicia Rivera says:

    That’s a guh-reat goal to set for yourself!! I’m deffinitely going to try to be like that too 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  2. Hey Nikki! I love love love your idea to be more like yourself 🙂 There is nothing wrong than being exactly who you are!


  3. iMassiekur says:

    Loved this post! Along with the pictures.
    Your header is really gorgeous btw. 🙂


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