Slack no more

Hey girls.

So sorry for the lacking of posts, I have of course been super-uber busy with school and such. I recently have started curling! I joined a club and am learning gradually, and have found to be really good! (So far).

Anyways. Today I had school, no duh then I got home and took a nice refreshing shower and am now clean and focussed on school, and healthyness, and such. About 3 days ago was take your kid to work day in Canada, So I went with my father and completed several tasks and learnt what he does everyday when he leaves in the morning and comes home at night to bring the money home for my shopping spree’s! JK I dont go on shoppign spree’s, I just shop alot! They gave all the kids ipod nano’s, it has thier logo on it, but still. And it’s 8gb. Crazy!

Today I want to start being more “proper.” So when I got home liek I explained I hopped into a steamy shower. Then patted fry (legit) and moisturized all over. And I went to a dermatologist and he gave me recommendations and really good stuff to use and my face is sooo much clearer, in like a week it’ll be like a baby’s skin.

This picture for some resaon is really inspiring to make my desk clean.

Yeah nice eh?

Anyways, hopefully more posts soon. My friends have been really ignorant lately. So I am just focussing on my grades. After that take your kid to work day thing, I have realized that I really need to step up my grades in order to go to an ah-mazing university and have a great company of my own!

I’ve been thinking of making a fashion blog. I see these people that have great blogs and show thier fashion. I would love to show mine and give advice, just on like blogger though 🙂 Any ideas? Yes or no? Names?

That’s all for this post!


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5 Responses to Slack no more

  1. jubbyjujube says:

    Hey Nikki,
    The picture also wants me to keep my desk clean. It also makes me want to redecorate my room…again :/
    You go girl! Remember, it’s a good thing so you can really focus on school. Then when you go to an amazing college you get a good job and make lots of dinero ❤
    Fashion blogs are super fun to make and write! I suggest something that has to do with couture, flowers, words like style or something like that!
    New post on my fashion blog. I'd be thrilled if you checked it out!

    With Love,

  2. I loved the post Nikki (:
    Your day sounds like it went well!
    That picture just inspired me to get my desk cleaner…
    A fashion blawg would be really cool!
    New post (:


  3. Massie Block says:

    Wouldn’t we all like clean desks. Hey! Nice blog, just discovered and it and am now following (:

  4. Kaddie says:

    Hey Nikki,
    You know how to curl?! That’s so awesome! I really want to try that lol
    Take Your Kid to Work day sounds like it was fun, and a bonus for getting an iPod.
    That picture definitely makes me want to tidy up and give my whole desk a makeover(:

  5. Alicia Rivera says:

    Bring your kid to work day seems like it was a fun experience for you 🙂 That’s a really neat desk in the picture!! Not close to how my desk looks……at awll lolll 😛 I deffinitely think you should make a fashion blah-g!

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

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