Relaxed for now…or not

So right now I am just sitting in my high chair infront of the “bar” in my kitchen. No ones home currently but me. My friend N* was supposed to come over like 2 hours ago, but she said she had to go to church at 10am, but I thought she would have been home by now. Like I said in my las post, we are supposed to finish our poster for the concert.

I have so much homework. Well 2 projects. Tomorrow in my LA class, we have to debate. She choose our partners last friday or Thursday I think it was. And tomorrow 1st period we present. We don’t get to know what side we have to take until 1min before you start, which sucks!!! Like how are we supposed to prep enough for both sides? High school is hard. They said that your marks drop on average 20% which is true for LA and Math. In math I’ve gotten like a ton of 60% 😦 It’s sad because I want to be on the houners! I aways am. And On Thursday we have to present our family history project. I don’t have that much information because no one in my family really remembers how they came to Canada, (ancestors) and on those history websites you have to pay. So Im doomed at this point. I mean I haven’t even started finding out how I’m going to present my project! She want something unique, just just to stand up there, and say junk. High school teachers, that I have, are very hard. Aren’t they all? If not then, haha.


Well I think thats all for today!


1. Get an idea for how to present my project and collect more information

2. Dry my hair (it’s wet now cuz I just got out of the shower 10min ago)

3. Drink water!!! (For my skin)

4. Call N* again

5. Listen to Selena Gomez’s song’s so then at the concert youll know then better! 🙂

6. Out fit for school tomorrow… pretty one for debating infront of the class.


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