So tday my parents were telling me I had to come with them to this festival where I live. But I planed on playing wth my friend and lately my mom has been mad at me 😦 Becasue I gave her attitude and she hates when I do that. So yeah. Then before they left my dad told me I had to come and I said no because I was playing with my friend who I play with almost every day. So now I’m hoping my friend will come and play before my parents get back or else they’ll be even more mad. Because I complained at them for not wanting to come. Grrr, now I’m sadly regretting my decition. Its a waist of time to thing about my regrets. I’m really sad now. I’m crying a little. But I dont wanna cry to much becasue if I cry hard and then my friend comes then shell it’ll be aquard haha. I’m really sad Liek grr. why do I always make the wrong decition. Well I mean I guess at the time it was the right decition but ten seconds later when my dada slammed the door as he left I started to regret it! 😦

Well anyways.. me and my friend. She told me about this art class. So I really wanna do it but my mom is still mad and so she said shed look at it when she got back but now.. she probably wont 😦 I’m really sad. Adn were leaving on vacation in 5 dsyas and my mom still hasnt called the school to ask if I can trade classes. I hate the class I’m in. So i have to switch an if i dont grrrrr ill kill my dslef,, no jkjjk πŸ˜› but I’ll be depressed and then thats not a good way to start of the new era hugh school year. But maaannn am i ever stressed becasue that art class only allowes 12 people and my friend said that there was 11 so i better call today. Its 25$ per class once a week and then it toslls to around 100 $ a month f you go to every claass. sorry for the messy un-spell checked typing. I’m so scared and nervous and sad 😦 Cryyyyying :((:(::(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(




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